[Wine] Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat on Wine 1.1.38

godofhell wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Feb 7 01:29:50 CST 2012

allego il log di xrEngine.exe al momento del crash:

* Detected CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6570 @ 2.10GHz [GenuineIntel], F6/M7/S10, 2094.00 mhz, 31-clk 'rdtsc'
* CPU threads: 2

Initializing File System...
using fs-ltx fsgame.ltx
FS: 39535 files cached 28 archives, 946Kb memory used.
Init FileSystem 2.428198 sec
'xrCore' build 3967, Dec 14 2009

EH: 3CAABCFCFF6F3A810019C6A72180F166

-----loading c:\programmi\stalker2\gamedata\configs\system.ltx
-----loading c:\programmi\stalker2\gamedata\configs\system.ltx
Initializing Engine...
Starting INPUT device...
Loading DLL: xrRender_R2.dll
Loading DLL: xrRender_R3.dll
refCount:m_pAdapter 1
Loading DLL: xrRender_R4.dll
command line 
Executing config-script "user.ltx"...
! Cannot open script file [user.ltx]
Loading DLL: xrRender_R1.dll
Loading DLL: xrGame.dll
! Player name in registry is empty! (InstallUserName)
* [win32]: free[1701132 K], reserved[2426732 K], committed[66376 K]
* [ D3D ]: textures[0 K]
* [x-ray]: crt heap[1084 K], process heap[196 K], game lua[0 K], render[0 K]
* [x-ray]: economy: strings[8367 K], smem[0 K]
SOUND: OpenAL: enumerate devices...
SOUND: OpenAL: EnumerationExtension Present
devices PulseAudio Software
SOUND: OpenAL: system  default SndDevice name is PulseAudio Software
SOUND: OpenAL: All available devices:
1. PulseAudio Software, Spec Version 1.1 (default) eax[0] efx[no] xram[no]
2. ALSA Software, Spec Version 1.1  eax[0] efx[no] xram[no]
Executing config-script "c:\programmi\stalker2\gamedata\configs\default_controls.ltx"...
[c:\programmi\stalker2\gamedata\configs\default_controls.ltx] successfully loaded.
Executing config-script "user.ltx"...
! Cannot open script file [user.ltx]
SOUND: Selected device is PulseAudio Software
* sound: EAX 2.0 extension: absent
* sound: EAX 2.0 deferred: absent
* sound : cache: 65537 kb, 4856 lines, 13820 bpl
Starting RENDER device...
* GPU [vendor:10DE]-[device:423]: NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS
* GPU driver:
* CREATE: DeviceREF: 1
* Vertex Processor: PURE HARDWARE
*     Texture memory: 119 M
*          DDI-level: 9.0
* GPU shading: vs(fffe0300/3.0/30), ps(ffff0300/3.0/30)
* GPU vertex cache: unrecognized, 16
* NVAPI is missing.
* ATI MGPU: 23249504-Way CrossFire detected.
* Starting rendering as 8-GPU.
* DVB created: 1536K
* DIB created: 512K
* distortion: used, dev(30),need(14)
* color_mapping: used, dev(30),need(14)
* SSample: 1024x768
compiling shader postprocess
compiling shader postprocess_d
compiling shader postprocess_cm_pre
* SSample: enabled
compiling shader particle_distort
compiling shader particle
compiling shader particle
- r__tf_aniso 8
- r1_tf_mipbias 0.
compiling shader simple_color
compiling shader portal
compiling shader editor
compiling shader sky2
compiling shader sky2
compiling shader clouds
compiling shader clouds
Starting engine...
! Invalid 'ambient' in env-section '00:00:00'
! Invalid 'ambient' in env-section '12:00:00'
compiling shader hud_font
! Player name in registry is empty! (InstallUserName)
Loading DLL: xrGameSpy.dll
compiling shader yuv2rgb
! Missing ogg-comment, file:  c:\programmi\stalker2\gamedata\sounds\video\ati_radeon_1920x1080.ogg
! Missing ogg-comment, file:  c:\programmi\stalker2\gamedata\sounds\video\amd_fusion_final_720.ogg
intro_start intro_logo
! Can't get image info for texture 'c:\programmi\stalker2\gamedata\textures\ui\ui_font_hud_01.dds'
! Can't get image info for texture 'c:\programmi\stalker2\gamedata\textures\ed\ed_not_existing_texture.dds'
[error]Expression    : assertion failed
[error]Function      : CRender::texture_load
[error]File          : D:\prog_repository\sources\trunk\Layers\xrRender\Texture.cpp
[error]Line          : 343
[error]Description   : xr_strcmp(temp,fn)

stack trace:

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