[Wine] Can I add a dll file?

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Thu Feb 9 22:51:22 CST 2012

> I am running MTA Server on Debian and it told me am missing ntdll.dll file
> I looked online and managed to download the dll file but how can I add it to 
> the wine so it can use it?

	You can't use native ntdll.dll. And explanation why is given in the link 
you posted, did you actually read it yourself?

> This link explains what its for:- http://dll.paretologic.com/detail.php/ntdll

	Yes, it explains very well: "It includes a number of kernel-mode 
functions". But Debian uses Linux kernel, not Windows kernel, so it cannot 

	And you do not need to use it anyway. Wine does have implementation of 
ntdll.dll (so the check if you have it should have succeeded because it does 
exist). So what you need to understand why your application gives the error. 
You did not post your terminal output so I cannot help you with this without 
it. But I can tell you that if your application is using copy "protection" 
rootkit or something like that it will never work in Wine. If you think your 
application does not have such a "protection" you should try again in clean 
Wine prefix with latest Wine 1.4-rc2. If it does not work, post your terminal 

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