[Wine] Re: K9 web protection installation fails with wine under ubuntu

Nx-01 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 12 17:44:18 CST 2012

I have update wine to 1.4 rc2

The same problem

this is the terminal report

andrea at computer:~/Documenti$ wine k9-webprotection.exe
X Error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
 Major opcode of failed request:  10 (X_UnmapWindow)
 Resource id in failed request:  0x4a00001
 Serial number of failed request:  39
 Current serial number in output stream:  39
fixme:urlmon:DownloadBSC_OnProgress Unsupported status 3
fixme:wininet:InternetLockRequestFile STUB
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x5d6ae550 at address
0x3abd085a (thread 002c), starting debugger...
Could not load wine-gecko. HTML rendering will be disabled.
wine: configuration in '/home/andrea/.wine' has been updated.
fixme:heap:HeapSetInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0
fixme:heap:HeapSetInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0
fixme:heap:HeapSetInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0
andrea at computer:~/Documenti$

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