[Wine] Low FPS Skyrim with 560 Ti... Expecting too much?

zombiewithlasers wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 12 19:37:51 CST 2012

Hey guys.  I just got Skyrim running in Arch Linux with wine 1.4RC3, and my framerate seems pretty low.  I'm using an Evga GTX 560 Ti 448 core classified, an i5 2500k OC'd at 4.5ghz, and 16gb ddr3 at 1600.  The 560 ti is running the latest Nvidia beta drivers.  The average framerate is around 30 fps on ultra.  Is that about what I should expect from that hardware, or is this a wine thing?  I know that I shouldn't expect the same performance as Windows, but this seems a bit low to me.  I followed the instructions on the Skyrim entry in the appdb, so I don' t think there's a setting that I'm missing to improve performance.  Any thoughts, suggestions?

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