[Wine] Re: AMD/ATI or Nvidia

landeel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Feb 14 18:01:58 CST 2012

Most games will just work with AMD GPU on wine. BUT...

1) Sadly many games (specially Direct3D games) will suffer from terrible performance. They will crawl at about 10-50% the frame rate they would run on Windows in the same machine.

2) Catalyst / fglrx is still a terrible piece of software. And I think it will always be.

3) There are the open source drivers, but they will always be following a moving target, and will never support the whole thing.

4) Catalyst drivers share part of the code between Windows and Linux, but they seem to be optimized for Windows / Direct3D only. OpenGL performance is terrible, even on Windows. 

On windows, games that have both Direct3D and OpenGL renderers will run much much faster with the Direct3D renderer than with the OpenGL renderer (World of Warcraft for example).

Trust me, get the Nvidia.

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