[Wine] Re: Everquest 2 and Wine 1.3.37

szilagyic wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Feb 14 20:35:56 CST 2012

I've managed to get the game working in Wine 1.4-rc2, by doing the following:

- Upgraded all wine-1.4.rc2 packages from Fedora 16 testing repository
- SOLUTION TO THE CRASH: Install the proprietary NVidia driver (v. 295.x) from nvidia.com. I removed the kmod-nvidia package for the kernel I'm running first with "yum erase kmod-nvidia....".
- Created a fresh .wine directory, installed Gecko when prompted (not sure if this is needed)
- Installed Firefox 3.5.19 with winetricks
- Installed Flash with winetricks
- Run this to install the EQ2 plugin in Firefox in order to run the streaming client:

wine "c:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe" 'launch.soe.com/lp3/index.html?mode=0&game=eq2&skin=eq2&locale=en_US'

- Log in at the page above and allow the streaming client to initialize, then click Play.
- The plugin launched Everquest2.exe just fine and the game now runs!

I was not able to get LaunchPad.exe running at all, even with the NVidia driver problem fixed, it launches sometimes with a black screen and sometimes with the SOE logo, but crashes. After playing the game for the first time, I was able to run "Everquest2.exe" from wine directly, which runs and opens the game without the need to visit the web page above.

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