[Wine] Minecraft in Wine

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Thu Feb 16 09:02:10 CST 2012

On Thu, 2012-02-16 at 07:46 -0600, xyz32 wrote:
> Wow, this is... Confusing.
> There is no windows/linux version of a java application. Just JVM is
> aware of the OS, the application is not.
That's true for pute Java apps, but there are applications out there
that depend on JNI, which allows native code to be included as part of
it. These are seldom, if ever, portable between operating systems.
> In fedora you have the "alternatives" tool.
... and most other Linuxes and many Unices too, probably, but I don't
think its relevant here. Its use is to allow a seamless switch between
functionally identical Linux/UNIX services, such as the sendmail and
Postfix mail servers (MTAs). To be useful the services must have
identical interfaces for both programs and users. For instance, all MTAs
communicate for the SMTP protocol and, because sendmail (the archetype
of MTAs), provides the 'sendmail' command line utility which can be used
by programs as well as people to send mail messages, every alternative
to the sendmail MTA has to provide such a program and it must have
identical functionality to the Sendmail sendmail or using an alternative
such as Postfix or Qmail would break the system.
You'll notice that 'alternatives', correctly, doesn't deal with
databases. This is because they all have their own SQL dialect and these
are mutually incompatible to a greater or lesser extent, with Oracle and
MySQL being the most deviant dialects.

There is a set of Java alternatives, but this seems to be restricted to
OpenJava and gcj. Oracle/Sun Java, which I use, is not an available
alternative. Fortunately I can easily tune OpenJava out by adjusting its
place in the PATH list, so alternatives becomes irrelevant for this


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