[Wine] Re: Guild Wars (Platinum Application) now broken

Zakhar wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 24 15:27:47 CST 2012

Thanks Garpu.

Yes you are right, and I got the same answer on the main GW post on AppDB.

So on 10.04-LTS, GW is still broken with the standard wine that comes with the LTS: wine 1.2.2

But after adding the wine guys repo and upgrading to 1.3.37, I concur, it works again.
Only little difference, the sound issue is worse.  [Crying or Very sad] 

Previously the sound broke once in a while after long time of game, now it looks like it breaks quickly. I though I'd apply the "pulseaudio" trick, but I read now (>1.3.25) wine has direct support of pulsaudio.
So I assume the posts about the "pulseaudio" trick are not up to date anymore.

Nevertheless, when I look at the pulse thingy, it says that Wine is using the Alsa-plugin, and indeed, in the configuration, it says that it uses the alsa library.

Is there a way I can make it use pulse... I didn't find it.

... some more reading and searching to come then!

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