[Wine] RFT: Use Greek semicolons for comdlg32's printer status enumeration?

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Sat Feb 25 09:20:30 CST 2012

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So what I've gathered from Wikipedia is that the Greek language does not 
use semicolons as a separator for enumerations:


| In Greek and Church Slavonic, a semicolon indicates a question, 
| similar to a Latin question mark.[2] To indicate a long pause or 
| separate sections, each with commas (the semicolon's purpose in 
| English), Greek uses an ano teleia ( · ).

Wine uses semicolons as a separator in one place, for comdlg32's printer 
status enumeration. It's a list of status indicators separated by 
semicolons and looks like this:

    Error; Paper jam;
    Initialising; Default Printer; I/O Active; 

So I would expect the Greek translation to use ano teleia characters as 
the separator but instead it uses plain semicolons:

    msgid "Paused; "
    msgstr "Σταματημένος; "

    msgid "Error; "
    msgstr "Σφάλμα; "

    msgid "Busy; "
    msgstr "Απασχολημένος; "

So I'm hoping some Greek-speaking Wine hacker or user can enlighten me 
on the following points:
 * Did I understand Wikipedia wrong? Do both English semicolons and 
   question marks translate to a semicolon in Greek?

 * Is this a special case that justifies not following the standard 
   rule? If so why?

 * Does the attached patch replacing semicolons with ano teleia 
   characters make sense?

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