[Wine] Re: using windows vst plug-ins with logic 9 on mac osx lion

Entropy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Feb 27 14:44:41 CST 2012

jjmckenzie wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 12:21 PM, Entropy <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> > I have just discovered the existence of Wine as I was thinking of creating a Windows partition in order to process
> > audio files using some of the great VST fx plugins (such as dblue glitch) that are only available on Windows. I could
> > then import the files into Logic 9 on Mac OSX Lion for use in my music.
> > 
> The first place to look for this information is in the Applications
> Database.  If there is no information, then a search of the forums
> would be next.
> James

Cheers for the suggestions but I had already done a search of the AppDB and the only VST's I found that I recognize were things like Native Instruments Kontakt, Battery etc. which are both stand alone apps and plugins. Whereas they will most probably work in standalone mode, I am uncertain about whether they (or purely plugin VST's) will appear as Mac compatible VST's in Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plugins so that they can be 'wrapped' using a VST to Audio Unit Converter for use in Logic.

I have also searched the forums to no avail, so I am hoping that someone who has either done/attempted this or knows enough about how wine works with audio plugins will read this and offer some information.

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