[Wine] Re: Oblivion on Mint 12 wine 1.2.3 no opengl support compiled in

ederwil666 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 29 13:12:38 CST 2012

I tried to follow the AppDB instructions. The instructions don't indicate what types of values I should be adding to the registry, so I assumed they were of DWORD type, and that the base was decimal (versus hexadecimal).
After I added the "VideoMemorySize"="256" entry, there were no changes, and after I added the "OffscreenRenderingMode"="fbo", after the king intro clip, my whole system froze, and I could only do a hard restart, so after the restart, I deleted the Offscreen entry, and now only the game crashes, but the system is fine.

The instruction say, that for ATI (I have ATI Radeon x700 graphics card) the bDoImageSpaceEffects=1 in Oblivion.ini should be changed to 0, which I did. By the way the name of the file is: Oblivion_default.ini, not Oblivion.ini. Still, that didn't change anything.

After the restart, when I open the Oblivion_default.ini file to edit it, I see coded text. I think it's because I did the hard restart, and I remember I chose the option to encrypt my home directory during Linux Mint 12 installation, and that's where my wine and Oblivion is, so I'm guessing it's the encrypted ini file. I'm not sure how to fix this.

I also don't know what sound I'm using - I don't know how to check this. Same goes for graphics card driver.

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