[Wine] question about the build system of wine

Csillag Kristof csillag.kristof at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 04:24:46 CST 2012


I have two questions about the build system of WINE.


Does WINE's build system deploy any kind of run-time CPU detection while 
building the software?

I understand that a lot of things are configure by the configure script; 
my question is that does this phase decide everything,
or are there further settings that are detected only during the "make" 

(I am thinking of CPU-specific optimizations, done by GCC, considering 
the CPU it's running on.)

I am asking this because I would like to build wine on a completely 
different box than it is going to run on.
(The slow box1 is running a system mounted via NFS, and I can chroot 
into the same directory on the fast box2, so the libraries and compiler 
are the same in both environment, only the CPU is different.)

Can I do this, or will this cause problems?


If I successfully finish a build, and then later I modify some random 
wine source files (or upgrade dependency libraries), and restart "make" 
in the root directory, is the build system smart enough to detect and 
rebuild only the parts that need rebuilding? Or should I always do a 
make clean before that?

How about when I need to run the configure script again, because some 
settings have changed? Do partial re-builds still work in these cases?

Thank you for your help:


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