[Wine] Re: Special Place for Wine's Programs?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 2 03:33:53 CST 2012

SpawnHappyJake wrote:
> Is there a special place for the programs that actually come with Wine (winefile, winecfg, Wine's notepad, Wine IE, etc.) like the AppDB, but just for them?


> Because I was wondering, say for example, someone found a bug in winefile. Where would the corresponding AppDB[oid] page be for winefile to attach that bug to?  

The AppDB is for Windows apps, not their Wine replacements. Bugs for Wine's versions don't get attached to anything. 

> It would be nice to go to a page and see all the known bugs for such a program, 

Search bugzilla, just like you would for anything else. AppDB links are dependent on users submitting them, and often they don't. Don't rely on them.

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