[Wine] Re: JVM 7 fails to start

bobul wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 2 06:45:31 CST 2012

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> On Fri, 2011-12-30 at 04:55 -0600, bobul wrote:
> This looks like you have tripped over a difference between the way
> programs are written for Windows and Linux: a Linux program expects the
> current directory to be the one containing the data and that it will be
> loaded and run by searching $PATH for the executable while Windows
> programs expect that the current directory contains themselves and that
> they will be passed an absolute or relative path to the data they are
> expected to use. This means that almost all Windows apps must be run
> like this:
> 	cd $WINEPREFIX/path/to/directory/holding/the/executable
> 	wine theapp.exe
> In your case NOT doing this means that .jre and .lib will treated as
> relative to the directory you issued the command in, probably $HOME, and
> so the the program won't be able to find them. Doing the initial 'cd'
> makes the current directory the one containing the program, so .jre
> and .lib will be relative to the program's location and hence they will
> point to where the program expects them to point.
> It rather looks as though you didn't do that. So, try it. If it doesn't
> work, post the result of running 
> 	ls -l . ./jre ./lib
> in the directory containing the exe that wine starts. If there's much in
> those directories, i.e. there's more than 30 lines or so of output,
> please put it in pastebin, the temporary storage website, and post a
> link here.
> Martin

Hi I am running the .exe file from the directory, where it is located.

Result of running the ls -l is here: http://pastebin.com/Bi68VAMN
i.e. I think the JRE is there allright. It runs OK on windows.
Maybe I can try to use the absolute path in the config file.

But there is a question - what is the root folder for application run within wine? (is it / or my home folder? or it is c:\?)


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