[Wine] New to Linux and Wine, need to know a few things

doug dmcgarrett at optonline.net
Mon Jan 9 18:02:49 CST 2012

On 01/09/2012 06:38 PM, semint wrote:
> Sorry, I think I didn't explain myself well. What I meant to ask is how Wine runs Windows apps within Linux? Do you need to install a second copy of Windows within a virtual disc in a virtual machine, or does it read the Windows installation that is on the other physical disc and launches the apps from there?
> Also, can it run 64 bit apps, like Photoshop and After Effects CS5?
You install Wine with the package manager that comes with your Linux 
distro.  Then you download the win ap, or put it in
CD/DVD reader, and just install it, as if you were in Windows.  Go get 
the .exe file, snap on it, and it will install.  There are only
a few programs that need something special, in the way of previously 
installed versions, or something exotic, that won't
install this way.  (If it's zipped, you can unzip it in Linux.)  There 
is a program called Winetricks, that I don't know about,
that is supposed to help ith "difficult" installs.

I can't answer the 64-bit $64 question, except to say that you would 
almost surely have to be running a 64-bit Linux version.

Good luck--doug

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