[Wine] Re: New to Linux and Wine, need to know a few things

semint wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 9 21:15:27 CST 2012

Great. I'm freeing one of the drives now to install it. I'm just really surprised that it will run Windows apps without Windows, and Microsoft isn't suing the Wine developers. I hope they don't, but given how lawsuits fly out of Redmond all the time, that's one thing you would think at least they would try to do.

I will install Mint 12 first, but I also downloaded Ubuntu Studio because it's supposed to have all the multimedia apps and an optimized kernel for them. However, when I installed it under VMWare, it was OK but it didn't have the nice look that Mint 12 has. Is there a way to make Ubuntu look exactly like Mint 12? After all, Mint is based in Ubuntu.

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