[Wine] Arch and latest wine : major Dsound crashes with my apps

Das Letzte Einhorn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 10 20:20:36 CST 2012

With the latest gitwine, beginning with wine 1.3.35, I can't run any of my games anymore. Every game I tested crashes with the following backtrace somewhere in its logs :

=>0 0x7c58c255 DSOUND_RecalcVolPan+0xa5(volpan=0x67d3068)
[/wine-git/dlls/dsound/mixer.c:58] in dsound (0x0032f194)
  1 0x7c57b463 IDirectSoundBufferImpl_Create+0x382(device=0x67d2848,
pdsb=0x32f2a8, dsbd=0x32f360) [/wine-git/dlls/dsound/buffer.c:1004] in dsound
  2 0x7c584d9e DirectSoundDevice_CreateSoundBuffer+0x4ad(device=0x67d2848,
dsbd=0x32f360, ppdsb=0x1e718dac, lpunk=(nil), from8=0x1)
[/wine-git/dlls/dsound/dsound.c:1638] in dsound (0x0032f2c4)
  3 0x7c585387
dsbd=0x32f360, ppdsb=0x1e718dac, lpunk=(nil))
[/wine-git/dlls/dsound/dsound.c:855] in dsound (0x0032f314)

I filed a bug report about it here : http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29431 , yet because I don't see any other users reporting major sound crashes like this one, I wonder if the issue has something to do with my system. I use Arch64, and I have all the mandatory and optional lib32 dependencies for wine on Arch. Do any other Arch64 users experience this? If not, what do you suggest to fix this? Any suggested workarounds?


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