[Wine] Re: Limiting the execution of Wine to allowed programs

tomsawyer2k5 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 11 10:19:05 CST 2012

So what you're saying is that Wine can see beyond the .exe extension and run the executable for what it is, not by what it's named by.  Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of having file associations?

So I guess my next idea is a bust too.  I was thinking that I should change the extension of the three games to something like ".lxx" and then have Wine associated with the .lxx file extension and remove Wine's .exe file association.  That way when the kids download some exe from the internet and try to double-click it, they will be given the prompt of which program to run it with.  At this point they will be confused, since they don't know about Wine, and give up.  I guess this is a no go then?

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