[Wine] Re: wine source code, Bug6971, suse 12.1,kde

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 11 19:42:51 CST 2012

Lord_Valarian wrote:
> I'm making progress in EE1. I need help making sense of mouse code.There are almost no comments in the code. I'm not new to programing, but new to mouse coding. I need to know where to find where mouse values start and are translated out to mswin. I'm stuck... Thanks.

I thought that Empire Earth 1 was fixed a while ago. I guess not, or it was broken again.

As I recall, timing & Wine warping mouse were the main issues with this game. It warps mouse itself, so most mouse move events were lost. The current Wine code isn't all that much better. Yes, it's using XInput 2 but still messing with pointer position, warping mouse, breaks timing between different mouse position change events.

The fist thing you can do is to try native dinput.dll. If it works, then you know that built-in could be fixed without touching anything else (won't really be that easy of course). But if it doesn't, then you'll have to mess with x11drv, server, user32.

First thing first, I'd recommend you opening a bug in bugzilla for your specific game.

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