[Wine] Re: Rethinking WineConf

lahmbi5678 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 11 23:57:26 CST 2012

Just adding another point of view: The number of wine devs isn't growing much, because it is a very challenging project. Allmost all the simple things are implemented. From the perspective of users and programmers, wine can be frustrating, because sometimes you have to wait for years, until a feature like USB support will eventually be implemented. There may be 10000s of Win32 API experts out there in various countries ignoring DMCA, but they may have demanding daytime jobs and may prefer reverse engineering. All this means that wine urgently needed professionalization, incorporated by Codeweavers. Wine isn't a hobby project anymore. The 'simplest' way to enlarge the number of wine devs nowadays seems to be Codeweavers hiring more people.

So far this may sound a bit too negative, on the other hand I'd propose something like that:
Offer a workshop for users with programming skills, every participant may choose one application he/she wants to get running and/or bugfree, the goal of the workshop should be to demonstrate how to debug issues and solve or at least work around issues. I don't know how much time would be required for such a workshop, maybe 2-5 days, and probably one professional wine dev per participant (economic issue?). And again, some issues like copy protection, USB, etc may not be resolvable in short time, so there should be some kind of preceding discussion.

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