[Wine] Re: problem running quickbooks

Emegra wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 12 09:23:23 CST 2012

[/quote]To be honest, if you don't have the time needed to become familiar with
Linux but still want to run business-critical software Windows software
on it under Wine, you're better off sticking with Windows. I say this
because you WILL need to know more than you currently do about Linux in
order to keep its software up to date and your business data securely
backed up. Here I'm assuming that you have a good backup scheme for
Windows and and that you'll want to set one up for Linux that's at least
as good.

I think you're right Martin, I only recently started using Linux on my home PC and found I prefer it to windows for various reasons,I'm slowly becoming familiar with it, updating the system, backing up the home folder etc, but I know I have a lot to learn and I actually enjoy the learning, but I'm always gonna be limited.
 I also use wine at home to run a windows program and it works as well as if I was using it in windows and I thought I could do the same with Quickbooks on my business PC, I've used Quickbooks for quite a few years now and I am very familiar with it and I've managed to use it all that time without having any knowledge of windows, but I suppose the bottom line is that Quickbooks is just not compatible to run in wine, had it been compatible I don't think I would have had a problem with backing up etc.

Anyway I don't think I should be wasting your time anymore with this, what I'm trying to do may well not be possible anyway even if I was more knowledgeable with Linux but I'd like to thank for for your help and patience, maybe the wine developers will sort it out for me one day.

Many Thanks


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