[Wine] Doom Builder 1

Super Jamie wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 12 16:31:20 CST 2012

My primary use for Wine is to run an application called Doom Builder 1.86. It's a GUI-based level editor for the 1994 id Software game Doom. It is available at http://www.doombuilder.com/

In Wine versions 1.3.28 and below this has always run without major problems, the only "workarounds" being to put msvbsm60.dll and oleaut32.dll in the program folder, and set oleaut32 native in winecfg.

With the upgrade to Fedora 16 and Wine 1.3.36, DB1 now appears to be broken beyond repair. OLE functionality within Wine seems to have changed so I now need ole32.dll and olepro32.dll in the program folder, and for both of these to be native in winecfg.

The program then exits upon running with a dialog box stating

> System error &H80070078

Console output shows

$ wine "C:\Program Files\Doom Builder\Builder.exe"
fixme:actctx:FindActCtxSectionGuid 00000001 (null) 4 {9b68751a-876d-4cb2-9f4e-74bd965ad29e} 0x32fc10
fixme:actctx:FindActCtxSectionGuid 00000001 (null) 4 {9b68751a-876d-4cb2-9f4e-74bd965ad29e} 0x32fbf8

A quick Google shows this is a Windows kernel function (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/query/aa375148) so I am guessing this is a regression in 1.3.36. From the "fixme:actctx" I am wondering if this is known and I just need to wait for a new wine version to come out, or is it a bug worth reporting?

Also should I report the need for native OLE as a bug?

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