[Wine] Trying to run FL Studio results in invisible main window

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at arcor.de
Thu Jan 12 06:06:58 CST 2012

I installed FL Studio (version 10) in Wine (version 1.3.36). 
Installation works correctly.  The program also starts correctly after 
installation, and appears to be fully functional, but it's totally 
invisible.  Only the task bar entry in the KDE task manager bar appears 
and the initial dialog from FL Studio that informs me about this being a 
demo version.

I know that the application is functional because, even though 
absolutely nothing is visible, if I press SPACE, the demo song starts to 

Any hints on what could be wrong?  I even moved my current ~/.wine 
directory somewhere else and let winecfg create a new one to make sure I 
didn't have messed up settings and did a clean install of the 
application, but the problem persists.  Any help is appreciated.  I can 
see in the WineHQ database that this application should run fine in 
Wine, and I also find YouTube videos showing it run correctly in Wine, 
but I see no mention of my particular problem anywhere (which, as you 
can imagine, renders the application unusable since nothing is visible).

Btw, just to clarify, when I say "invisible", I really mean that.  It's 
not that the application actually displays in an empty window or 
something like that.  I mean that absolutely nothing is displayed at 
all.  Not even an empty window.  All I see when starting it is my 
desktop as if nothing had happened (but the application actually runs 
and receives keyboard events when I click on its task manager entry in 
KDE to make it active.)

I'm using Gentoo Linux AMD64, with kernel 3.2.0.

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