[Wine] Re: Wine problems after OS upgrade - possible causes?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 13 08:48:47 CST 2012

> Then I upgraded my operating system to Lubuntu 11.10. And things stopped working altogether. In some cases, like Wizardry 8, the program crashes with an error message (but, since I own more than one copy of that game I'm not 100% sure that this is the exact same setting that run under Ubuntu 10), in other cases the screen would just freeze or go black and then freeze. 

Exactly what "things" stopped working? Is it only the games you installed, or are Wine's builtin apps (winecfg, notepad, etc.) also failing?

Did you reinstall your graphics driver after upgrading? Not doing so is a common cause of problems.

If your system is 64 bit, have you installed all the necessary 32 bit  libraries? Forgetting to do so is another common cause of problems.

Did you reinstall your games to a clean wineprefix after upgrading? If you haven't, try that.

Are your using the latest development release of Wine? If not, upgrade, and reinstall your games.

If you still have problems after doing all that, pick a game, and post console output from trying to run it.

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