[Wine] Old Wine, New Wine, and ??

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sun Jan 15 02:45:16 CST 2012

I remember running wine a long while back off a real Win98 installation. 
Worked great! And I had all my existing programs (of course, not all of them 
would run) and more important, registrations, dll registrations, and other 
needed registry entries.

Somewhere along the line, the masters of the vinyards decided to abandone this 
mode of operations, probably most rightly so. I agree wine runs better, more 
consistently, off its own "installation" and much chaos has been avoided, BUT

I no longer have my registrations and I do not have all the information to 
install from scratch many programs that do indeed run fine on wine. I no 
longer have all the registered dlls such as for audio effects and their 
registrations and have no way of reinstalling them. Maybe some of this stuff 
would not run anyway, but ...

So, the question: Could wine run off a combo, using the unionfs? I used to 
have the win98 and  wine registries listed using a colon (:). The underlying 
windows would be read-only and most everything more-up-to-date would override 
this. Might still need the :.

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