[Wine] 2 lists?

tparker at etherstorm.net tparker at etherstorm.net
Tue Jan 17 18:37:56 CST 2012

On 1/17/2012 6:35 PM, doug wrote:
> I am thereby suggesting that
> the list be divided into two, one list for serious
> users, and one for gamers

As long as the mail list and the forum are linked splitting these would 
require splitting the forum as well. Since the work for the list/forum 
is all done by volunteers I doubt there would be enough interest to 
properly run separate user lists/forums. I assume that in many cases a 
bug causing a problem in one program may do so in others as well, if the 
issue is a problem in code it may not matter what type of program (game 
or 'serious') it shows up in and people who could help get it fixed may 
not wish to bother with two forums or two lists that both deal with user 
(vs. dev) issues.

If you are on the mail list and do not want emails about non-serious 
usage, maybe switching to the forum and only looking up the posts that 
deal with those would work for you?

I think the reason there are more game questions than other types of 
programs is that most other programs have linux native applications so 
fewer 'serious' programs need to be run through Wine.

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