[Wine] Counter-Strike Source Ubuntu 11.10 64bit

Opideousneo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 19 20:22:11 CST 2012

Ok this is what I got. I am trying to run Steam/Counter-Strike Source. I know that there is Graphic lag and emulation lag. So the issue is when i go into Source I have a black background. I can see the text but no picture in the back when I get onto a server I cant see anything and if I do its all dark shadows with no true texture. Something odd as well when I first go into Counter-Strike Source I see artifacting there are squares of textures in the game. Its odd i get sound I get everything else just no true gaming I will take pictures and post in game for you to show you what I mean. :x  :x  :x So until i get the screenshot I am on my last of 3 re-installs of this if someone has an answer for me please let me know. This is what i have done so far..

I am running wine in Windows Xp mode.
I have DX 9 undated. 
I installed flash
I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled wine playonlinux, and winetrix.
I need help with this one guys. I really dont want to go back to windows I hope to hear back from you thanks.[/img]

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