[Wine] Re: No sound in Wine 1.3.37 (tried known solutions already)

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 20 18:04:37 CST 2012

Nameless One wrote:
> I have bad experience with messing with OpenSUSE's sound setup, but I've no more choices left. I removed all pulseaudio packages and Wine is still behaving the same.
> My problem doesn't look at all like what people are describing in Bug 27895. Winecfg sound test is working perfectly for me. I also don't see the errors they are getting and I have no crashes. On the other hand, the error I'm getting is not mentioned in any of the reports.

Post terminal output from running something that should have sound. If it's long, use pastebin and post a link here.

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