[Wine] Eve Online, compiz and Twinview

Gargamel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 21 05:08:15 CST 2012


As a Gentoo user i met an issue regarding Eve Online (maybe other games, I don't play that much).

For years, I've been using compiz (0.8.4) to enable fullscreen on a single display (dual display using TwinView), as I have serious issues using xinerama.

To do so, I'm using a compiz window rule checking for every EVE titled app.

But the trick do not work anymore since wine 1.3.36 . . . 

I tried many tricks (type, id . . . ) without success.

Do anybody have advise or tricks so I can use newer version of wine ?

Keep up the good work, because wine allowed me to drop MS Windows @ home for 4 years :)

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