[Wine] Help with Wine and running exe w/ possible malware?

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Jan 23 02:02:17 CST 2012

> An exe file that I want to run on linux made for windows comes up as a Trojan on VirusTotal - how would I run it without it affecting my system?
> Is there any way that I can run this program on my Linux system without possibly getting a virus?


> Other people have told me that it would affect your wine prefix located normally inside ~/.wine and that any program running inside a wine prefix has only access to the virtual bottle in that .wine prefix folder in your home and nothing else. They are close inside that bottle.
> Is this true? how would I create a secure environment to run this program?

1) Create a new WINEPREFIX. 
   - Make a directory 
   - do "export WINEPREFIX=/path/to/that/directory" (absolute path must be used)
   - run winecfg - your new wineprefix will be populated with files needed by wine
2) Browse to dosdevices subdirectory in your new wineprefix and remove possible links to the filesystem root or your Linux home directory (obviously Z: drive)
3) Copy the program you want to run to the drive_c subdirectory of your new wineprefix
4) cd to drive_c
5) Run the program by wine.

Of course you must do this sequentially BY THE SAME SHELL, because the export command is valid only for the session, where it was entered.

> For those wondering - this program is a program for development with my Nintendo Wii.

Regards, Pavel

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