[Wine] getting apps in wine to access a network computer

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Tue Jan 24 07:46:52 CST 2012

> The PC or server needed to be accessed is on a network that runs
> windows xp and the application that I'm trying to get to access the
> server application on the network runs on a machine the latest ubuntu.
OK, do you know the name of the server and the port used by the server
program you're trying to reach? If not, you need to get this information
before you go any further. If the server is on a different network you
probably need to know its FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). 

Assuming you do know its FQDN and the port number, the next question is:
can a program on your Ubuntu box see the server?

Can you ping it? Run "ping -c5 servername" to find out. Does traceroute
show a clean route to the server? Run "traceroute servername" to check
the route through the network? Does the servername resolve? Run "host
servername" the check. These are all standard Linux tools used for
diagnosing network problems. 

If these don't work, you need to find out why and fix it: there's no
point in doing anything else if you've got a network problem. All this
stuff has nothing to do with Wine. Its just straightforward network
trouble shooting.

Once you can ping the server and/or see the route to it with traceroute,
does "nmap servername" show that the server process is active and
listening for connections? Again, if not, you need to talk to the
network people or the server sysadmin to get that fixed.

When that's all working, and nmap can see that the server program is
listening for connections, you should now have all the information you
need to configure your Wine App and have it connect to the server.

The above assumes that the remote network and server are using standard
Internet protocols (TCP/IP) and not some weird proprietary network
stuff. If it IS using weird stuff the approach I've described will work
but you'll have a few more hoops to jump through before things will


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