[Wine] Re: Deisable/Enable Momentum Mouse On Mac Wine

ischou wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 24 09:41:19 CST 2012

Not sure what you mean by momentum.  All mouse behavior includes a sort of "acceleration" feature, where the faster you move your mouse around, the farther the cursor moves.

On Macs equipped with magic mice or trackpads, one thing that I've found that is sometimes annoying is the scrolling with inertia.  It's great in some applications, and terrible for other in others.  This is not strictly a wine problem, and really can't be fixed from wine.  You could try to write or find an AppleScript that will toggle the System Preference you would like changed, and adding it to your favorite launcher or hot-key app (for instance, I have a "Toggle the function keys between Mac behavior and normal F1-F12 behavior" AppleScript, made it into an application and put it somewhere where QuickSilver can find it, so I can initiate QuickSilver and start typing "FUN" and it brings up my AppleScript).

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