[Wine] Graphics Card - DC Universe Online (DCUO)

undrline wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 24 20:36:44 CST 2012

Ubuntu Lucid 10.04
WINE 1.2.3
WINEtricks 20111115

I followed all the instructions in the AppDB, and I was able to install DCUO using the EXE downloaded from their site (http://launch.soe.com/installer/DCUO_setup.exe).  I'm not using Steam.  Another exception is that I'm using Adobe Flash 11 instead of 10.  Launchpad comes up after a little wait.  Before downloading the game components, it checks my "system," and decides that I don't have a compatible graphics card, which it identifies as "X11."  Their minimum system requirements on their site (http://www.dcuniverseonline.com/en/faq.vm) (strangely) don't actually give graphic card specs, they give NVIDIA and ATI graphic card series as examples.  Since it sees the graphics card as X11 (I have a 512Mb Intel graphics card), I'm guessing that's what WINE is telling it.

I've been researching, and came across something saying that WINE's default is to say that there is a 64Mb graphics card, and to change this for gaming.  I tried to change the default prefix using WINEtricks to get it to say otherwise, but changes I make don't seem to "stick."  Meaning, I see them in the WINEtricks log, but when I go back in, those options are not checked, and I get the same error, unchanged, from DCUO.

For all I know, I did everything correctly, and really don't have a powerful enough card.  On the other hand, if I've set up WINE incorrectly, I'd like to know, and continue trying.  Then, there's a third option ... if I've set up WINE correctly, and my graphics card should work, then WINE doesn't work with this app, and I should file a test report giving the error.

Help appreciated.  Thanks.

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