[Wine] Re: Eve Online, compiz and Twinview

Gargamel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 25 01:06:52 CST 2012

To bring this thread to an end : as compiz has no official maintainer, it will be soon removed from portage.

Sadly, desktop-effects overlay has only 0.9.2 (compiling issues), latest available (non official) ebuilds are for 0.9.4 (cscm is borked) . . . 
Compiling from source bring too many issues regarding dependencies.

So I finally removed compiz, defined xinerama USE flag & recompiled world.

Everything is working fine : wine go fullscreen now but gnome 2.32 do not handle dual displayvery well :S

I'll have to see if gnome 3 do a better job with dual display and if mutter  can do the trick.

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