[Wine] Starcraft I broodwar dying on mouse click.

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Jan 25 01:10:26 CST 2012

> Ohh cmon do not we really can make the full-screen work?

	Only somebody who is willing to run regression test can help to "make it 
work" in (hopefully) near future. Anybody who have the game can run regression 
test including you, its very simple and straightforward process 
http://wiki.winehq.org/RegressionTesting . Please read 
http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29544 for more information about this 
bug. If nobody will run the regression test then it is unlikely to be fixed, 
its your responsibility as a user to report the regression properly (by posting 
regression test result).

> I had already try that, but it is not solution for the starcraft, when you
> need to scroll the map with mouse. You move your mouse to bottom off the
> screen so the map must scroll down but it is not, because you are out of full
> screen.

	How can you be "out of full screen" if you ARE in full screen? Assuming of 
course your game uses 800x600 resolution and it is supported by X, and you have 
removed the border and positioned the window correctly, and you have used 
script given in my example and not something else. Solution I have provided is 
equivalent of "real" full screen mode IF you did everything properly and your 
game runs in foreground (so you are not switched back to native resolution 
until you exit it). If it does not work for you, then either there is a bug 
somewhere, or your game runs in background (then you have to remove "xrandr -s 
1600x900 -r 60" to make it work as expected and run xrandr manually after 
exiting the game) or you (or your window manager) did something wrong.
	But if you really cannot use this workaround for some reason (for example 
because your window manager cannot do what's necessary for this workaround to 
work), you can try downgrading Wine. If this is what you want, read the bug 
report to know to what version you need to downgrade.

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