[Wine] Re: Alternative to windows media player?

omro wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 26 14:22:46 CST 2012

> Have you tried using a virtual desktop to rescale the WMP images? If not, do so. Winecfg controls that. Instructions are on the main WineHQ
> site.

The video is embedded inside the training application, it does not launch the media player outside of the app. Having the training app run within a virtual desktop makes no difference to the embedded video.

> If "How do you do that" refers to installing VLC, heres how. This is the general process you'd use for installing anything, so remember it for
> future use.
> Use Wine's regedit to examine the wine registry to see if any for your
> app entries name the media player and set the path to it.

Couldn't find anything in the registry that seemed to point towards media player.

> Look at the directory structure where the app is installed to see if
> there are any .INI files or similar and examine those too.

There are no ini files that I can find either, even with a search.

> Windows VLC: Get the Windows package as described above. If your app is in the default Wine prefix (.wine) simply install it there too. If you used a different prefix to install your app, make sure you use the sale
> prefix when you install VLC.

The windows version of this software installed without a hitch in Wine. However, the training application throws up the following error when I try and use it without media player installed at all:

This product may require a newer version of Windows Media Player OLE Error 80040154

Which I'm going to see if I can find some examples of online. Any thoughts are helpful, I appreciate them.

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