[Wine] Re: Graphics Card - DC Universe Online (DCUO)

undrline wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 26 18:50:35 CST 2012

Thanks for continuing to give input.  I had tried that.  I also tried looking up and adding my VideoPciDeviceID and VideoPciVendorID.  This forum, as well as those sites warned that the value of the HKCU>Software>Wine>Direct3D>VideoMemorySize key should be a string ... so that shouldn't've been an issue, either.  I've tried the actual resolution of my monitor, and also 800x600.  I've also tried permutations of all things attempted with and without "virtual desktop" checked.

Sorry about neglecting to say everything I had tried up front at the outset.  I've spent a bit of time on this issue, and I'm sure there are other things I've tried that I haven't remembered to put down.

I didn't try DirectDrawRenderer being set to opengl, figuring that wouldn't have anything to do with how my video card was read by the software ... though it was also mentioned by sites recommending how to get gaming issues resolved with wine.  I'll try it when I get home, though, since it can't hurt.

It'd be nice if knew someone I could borrow a gaming graphics card from, to help troubleshoot.

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