[Wine] Re: wine 1.3.7 / crashes pulling linux desktop down ?

WhiteHawk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 28 23:10:24 CST 2012

I went out to the AMD website, and got the proprietary drivers for my HD4200 GPU. Took out all the Debian Squeeze drivers I had installed.

   Once they were un-installed and I rebooted...naturally I had no graphics.

   I dropped down to a root login, and ran the .run file from AMD with a sh command....then rebooted.

   One program still takes down the desktop, but my Forex program did finally install, and launch. The forex program was the most important one.

   I guess I'll just give up on the other one as one that just won't run on WINE.

   Thanks for your help....I would have never figured I had to have the AMD proprietary drivers.


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