[Wine] Re: Setting Virtual Memory For Wine Apps

winepunk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 29 14:58:40 CST 2012

Sine the other thread is locked, i respond here.  There are three issues and that is why  I created three threads.  
1. Running apps live
2. Setting virtual mem
3. Sand box issues
In order to help others organizing the central error/problem by thread allows people to get to a solutution faster through search.
In response to the Running Live comments made by guest, the cream of the Linux crop have it as a standard.  (Does Wine support that standard or is it disregarded?

Im not looking for someone to drop in and make off topic remarks or say its broke and walk away.  That is not helpfull and is an assumption without proper investigation.  I havent been properly questioned to justify such conclusions.  Overgeneraling does help get me in the right direction to research a fix.

Im beginning to think help cannot be found here.  That brings the value of the forum down. 

If Wine does not support Live apps, Ill excuse myself.  There will be no need to discuss further.

(I hate these smart phone keybords)

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