[Wine] hMailServer- where are winetricks mdac and jet40 ?

palloy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 29 20:31:32 CST 2012

Lubuntu 11.10 + LXDE, Wine 1.3.28 , Winetricks 0.0+20110229

I am trying to install hMailServer 5.3.3 .
The hMailServer installer warns "it appears another mail server is already running, you should close it",
but there is no other mail server running.
The warning should read "you can only bind to privileged ports when running as root".
I can cope with using other ports once I get the thing installed.

The hMailServer installer recognises the dependencies on MDAC 2.8 and Jet 4
and tries to get them from micro$oft.com but fails "404 not found" (old link)
Downloading from latest micro$oft.com URL directly and simply installing in Wine doesn't work.
I see various references to "winetricks mdac and jet40"
but I don't see them listed in Winetricks.

Where can I get these additional Winetricks ?

BTW I have successfully installed Fastream IQ web server+GUI and PHP 5.3.9 (VC9 x86)
(subject to the same problem with privileged ports)
and can serve pages from 3 domains with/without SSL.
Well done !

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