[Wine] Re: Wow crach.. I use bumblebee to activate nvidia optimus

linfan wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 30 07:39:45 CST 2012

I also struggled with this, but finally got it to work. I had to skip the -opengl opion and only run it as

optirun wine Wow*exe

No problems and no cashes during install.

Somebody also hinted setting operating system to Windows7 in winecfg. Other hints were to download the corefonts and ie8 with winetricks, and, ofc, you also need wine_gecko from you own distro, otherwise wine will complain or suggest you install it during wine setup.

After installing, the game crashed and failed to run, if I added 'SET gxApi "opengl"- to the WTF folder in WoW. I guess it is coz optirun is not linked to wine in somw way. Wine apparently only sees the intel graphics, in my case, i915.

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