[Wine] Re: Joystick mapping "wrong"

ze_dascove wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 1 13:31:27 CDT 2012

Well, it didn't happen to me. What I did was just to switch the position of Z and Rx, so the analog 2 starts to work properly. What I figure out was that X and Y stands for the axis in analog 1, while Rx and Z stands for the axis of analog 2. Following the same idea, Rz and POV1 stands for the directional keys, the ones that are not analog, in the leftmost of the joystick (I'm not sure how to call it). 

What I suggest  to you is to start the game only with X,Y in the register and see if the analog 1 works. Than you can add another entry, one at a time, start the game and see the effect of each entry. This is what i did. Like this, you can understand what each entry "means" in the game. It'll take a little bit of time, sometimes the game will crash, but eventually you will find it.

Anyway, good luck and good gaming.

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