[Wine] debugging - why my app doesn't run under Wine

pnswdv wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 1 16:58:21 CDT 2012

I am running Linux Mint with Wine installed, and am testing a suite of Windows applications which I wrote & have control over, and am trying to determine why one of them doesn't run under Wine and see if there are any modifications I can make to it to make it work.  The symptoms are a follows:

My application is a server/router written in C++/MFC which implements a proprietary protocol on top of TCP/IP.  When I first tried running it, I received a WMI error, so I used Winetricks to install WMI.  The WMI installation reported success, I rebooted my machine and attempted running it again.  This time there is no error message, but I just get a spinning cursor for about 10 seconds and then the cursor returns to the pointer.  Checking a logfile that my app creates indicates that it merely exits without ever performing it's initialization.

I am quite unfamiliar with linux so I do not know where to look for hints as to what may be going wrong.  Several of my other applications run fine, so Wine seems to be working properly on my machine. Suggestions, please!

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