[Wine] Re: how i can get WINE 0.9.1

hmmiguel82 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jun 1 17:33:10 CDT 2012

Morten Kleven wrote:
> Why would you want that version? It is over 7years old as far as I know.
> Think you would be better off with 1.5.xx. Read at winehq.com. If you don't
> find a build compatible with your distro, download the source tarbal and
> compile it:
> ./configure
> make
> sudo make install
> If you get errors you can post them here
> Den 1. juni 2012 23:32 skrev "hmmiguel82" <wineforum-user at winehq.org>
> følgende:
> > how can i get the WINE 0.9.1 and install ? im new sorry thanks for help
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
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i have install Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS on my Asus Eee PC 1005PX , then i have install the Wine and then the PokerStars . i didnt get problems on the instalation but when i try to run the game give me this error :

Client Program has failed to initialize
please contact Pokerstars support (support at pokerstars.com) 

then i have contact the pokerstars suport and they reponse this : 
Thank you for your email.
PokerStars does not have a native Linux version, nor plans to 
develop one at this time. However, starting with the late 2005 
release of WINE v0.9.1, the PokerStars client was "Gold" rated 
and shortly reached "Platinum" Status in the wine database at 
All that is required to play on PokerStars on a Linux system is 
the WINE 0.9.1 or later distribution available at 

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