[Wine] Steam on WINE with Fedora 17

Reacon wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jun 2 18:34:34 CDT 2012


I am not sure if this is the most optimal place to ask this question, but I may as well go ahead and shoot:

Steam will not login. I have a day old install of Fedora 17, and am going through my usual routine of using and tweaking a new release until it breaks. Unfortunately, I am cut off from my primary messenger, Steam.

I have set SELinux to permissive, even went as far as installing the 1.5.4 packages in the rawhide repos, and Steam continues to crash seemingly just before it finishes loading (after login, "connecting").

Steam's functionality needs only go as far as being able to interact with my friends list & chat windows. I would need the proprietary drivers for games, but Gnome 3 and fglrx don't get along so well. As such, I am merely concerned about my friends list.

Whilst I have been using Linux (various distros) on and off for years, I am still quite clueless as to some aspects of how it works. My one and only request is that whomever will respond answers simply.


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