[Wine] Re: Guild Wars 2 for wine - what is needed?

Illiander wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 5 13:32:19 CDT 2012

> Platinum:
> An application can be rated as Platinum if it installs and runs flawlessly ‘out of the box’. No changes required in winecfg.

If it installs flawlessly 'out of the box'.

GW2 clearly dosn't.  The patcher crashes every 10,000 files or so, and closing it leaves it zombie on my system (Gentoo, running latest wine)

Does anyone think that they will *not* be issueing updates after release?

If the patcher gets a seperate application entry, then the game would get plat, and the patcher would get bronze as far as I'm concerned.

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