[Wine] Re: Simple Query: E-Mailing Files in Wine to Other Computers

UsagiYojimbo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 6 14:56:57 CDT 2012

The version of Wine I'm using is the one from this link:


It appears it's called Winebottler 1.2.3, but I do have a program called Wine in addition to a program called Winebottler, and I didn't do anything with the bottler to get the program running. 

I followed this excruciatingly simple tutorial.


The tutorial here:

Also failed to elicit a functional response. Specifically the part that told me to Terminal

sudo ln -s ~/.wine/"wine./"drive_c" ~/Desktop

It made an alias, but the alias didn't go anywhere.

It seems like this should be really straightforward, yeah?

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