[Wine] A single command to open Portal 2 in a debug console.

Comokanu wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 6 15:23:52 CDT 2012

Due to some unknown problem I can only run Portal 2 by going to Winetricks --> Select 'steam' prefix --> Run a command line shell --> # wine PATH_TO_PORTAL2.EXE

This works perfectly fine, but it is kind of tedious. I know of the WINEDEBUG command but I do not understand the syntax. I would like to know a way to do all of the steps at once with a single command. I can either make a .desktop file with a command that opens portal2.exe from within the debug shell, or create a .sh file with multiple commands.

I am running Ubuntu Linux 12.04 64 bit and my Steam prefix is a 32 bit prefix.

Thank you in advance.

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