[Wine] Re: Wine Licensing with regards to use in Companies

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jun 6 16:23:05 CDT 2012

you may have misunderstood the reasoning, or is that an exact quote?  I see nothing in the LGPL that says anything like that.  I LGPL my own code for Wineskin, which uses Wine and many other things like xorg and such to be able to make Mac ports of software, and companies even use and sell their software with this... which is perfectly legal.  Generally there is more problems with software licensing when it comes to selling over just using.

You should be able to use Wine fine and legally on your machines, but it depends how well it works for the software your using in Wine, and what the licensing terms of the software is that your needing to run in Wine.  The biggest obstacle I could think of usually comes down to licensing and support of the software requiring certain things, like running on certain versions of Windows etc... and not with Wine, but this has nothing to do with Wine licensing.

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