[Wine] Re: Wine Licensing with regards to use in Companies

André H. wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jun 12 13:00:09 CDT 2012

Ultrin wrote:
> Slight paraphrasing on the quote, the full one was "The use of WineHQ is not supported due to breach of license. As per their license, only one license per company is allowed, this is therefore not feasible."

Again (to be sure) and in short: You are right, they are wrong.

If your company switched to Linux, which is often a good idea depending on the daily work it needs to do, you should propose to hire Linux-aware people in your IT. Not everyone calling himself a computer scientist can use a computer, or even Linux. It's just the same thing i see in the very big Company i'm working at. Always consider that you know more than your IT is my advice for you :)

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